Piano teaching

She enjoys teaching piano to kids, from 5 years old, and adults. Her main objectives are the rhythmic precision, a good body and arm position, a proper finger position on the keys, the search for a first kind of interpretation, and the effort and discipline in the daily practice. She adapts the method to the needs of the pupil. Among those there are: Bastien, Thompson, Tastenträume, Il Musigatto, Little Piano School etc. In order to attract children to the study of the piano in new and creative ways she figured out an original system to favour rhythmic precision and note reading.

Every year she presents her pupils to the exams of the ABRSM, a worldwide music organisation. The calm atmosphere in which these exams take place and its scrupolous grading srtucture make them into a useful test bed for future performances. Every year she holds two recitals: one around Christmas time and another one around May/June. In the past two recitals the most advanced students presented extracts from entire compositions, like "Le Carnaval des animaux" by Saint-Saëns and "The Nutcracker" by Ciaikovsky.