She starts and completes her studies in Philosophy at the Università di Bologna (Italy), where she specializes in Philosophy of Language with Prof. Eva Picardi. In 1983 she obtains her Philosophy Degree with a written thesis about the theory of the american philosopher H. Putnam. In 1989 she is admitted to the Saint Hilda's College in Oxford. In the same period she is awarded a Fulbright Scholarship thanks to which she moves to the University of New York at Buffalo to continue her studies in philosophy. In this University she obtains a Master's in 1990 and a PhD in 1994, after writing a dissertation on the theory of linguistic games of L. Wittgenstein with Prof. Newton Garver, whose title is Play, Games and Language Games. During this time she also takes part into the following Seminars and Courses: the Fourth European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (1992) at the University of Essex (UK); the Seminars of the Centro di Studi Semiotici e Cognitivi (1993 & 1988), Università di San Marino (Italia);t he First Int'l Summer Institute in Cognitive Science (1994), University at Buffalo (U.S.A.).

Within the vast field of philosophy she focussed mainly on the Logic and the Philosophy of Language of Anglo-Saxon origin, with some incursions into the field of Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. At the same time she developed a thorough interest for historical studies, especially in modern and contemporary history.

From 1991 to 1995 she cooperates with the Philosophy Department of the Università di Chieti and she teaches History and Philosophy in high schools.