Born in Pescara, she begins her piano studies at the age of 10 with Prof. C. Contento. After passing the official exams at the Conservatorio “D’Annunzio” (Pescara, Italy) first, and then at the Conservatorio “Giordano” (Foggia, Italy), she obtains her Diploma di Pianoforte in 1983 with a high grade. Soon after she starts teaching Music Education in junior high schools and giving piano private lessons.

In 1987 she obtains the Laurea in Filosofia (Degree in Philosophy) cum laude at the University of Bologna and continues her studies at the University of Buffalo, NY (USA), where she is admitted thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship. Here she obtains a Master of Arts (1990) and a Phd in Philsophy (1994). On her return to Italy she dedicates herself to teaching History and Philosohpy in high schools and translating texts for publishers. At the same time she cooperates with the Department of Philosophy of the University of Chieti to hold seminars in Philosophy of Language together with Prof. C. Casadio and assist Prof. Di Nardo and Gentile in the exams of Medieval.

After moving to Barcelona (Spain) in 1995, she works together with several translation agencies and companies. Meanwhile she takes up the study of Music Pedagogy and in 2008 she obtains a Master in Music Pedagogy from the Conservatory of Barcelona and the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Because of her interest in the theory of piano and music teaching she attends specialized courses about the Willems and Dalcroze methods and seminars about music training for very young kids. In 1995, besides teaching Italian and English, she takes up teaching music to little children in kindergarten and music schools with the aim of developing their sound and music awareness. In 2007 she begins studying Liric Singing at the Conservatorio “Victòria dels Àngels” of Sant Cugat (Barcelona), which she is still carrying on. In 2010 she passes with merit the Singing exam Degree 5 of the ABRSM. Presently she works as a private piano teacher  and for the music school GYMEL.